Back in 2015, on the heels of high fur prices in 2013-2014, around 25,000 beavers were offered in the same sale, and the same castor topped out at $55/lb. We trappers have commented recently about the fact that we’re trapping for castor as much as beaver pelts, and it’s probably the first time in history that the price of castor is approaching the value of the pelt.


Oct 5, 2016 Ground and preserved. One of the oldest animal attractors known to man. Attractive to all furbearers. Heavy paste second to none. Use to 

- Crow, LA : deadly: 2/4/2016: The best stuff Ive used on castor mounds Highly recommend This is a quick video showing you how to make beaver castor lure for trapping and what you need to make it. Super easy, super cheap, and there is no reason Fur Sales Results. Rupert Fur Sale is Beaver Castor 25.448 lbs 25.448 lbs $ 100.41 $ 22.13 $ 45.46/Pound Bobcat 16 PRODUCT NAME: Castor beaver scent. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Strong territorial scent used for sets around mounds. Castor can be used for many sets with many traps. Since it makes beaver act with emotion, castor is a great tool for masking odor and making the target animal vulnerable.

Beaver castor for sale

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There are also several grades of castor. Tinctured beaver castor is a lure designed to be used for rub sets for canines and cats. Home About Contact Order Status Shipping Info. Business Hours: 8am - 4pm CST Can someone post some advice on removing beaver castor and oil sacs, drying them and then selling them. I'm gonna give it a shot this year and was wondering how much castor is normally worth as well as the oil sacs. Thanks If you would like your aircraft listed here (or a link to your site) please send me an e-mail : nca "at" I dont know what you guys got for castor but I got 60 for number ones last year and averaged 52 on about 50 pounds between me and a buddy.

Dobbins Backbreaker Beaver Lure 4 oz.

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On Sale! $24.00. Was: $25.00. Save $1.00 (4% Off)  Jun 15, 2018 Both male and female beavers have castor sacs -- so let that be your fun "Eau De Musc" goes on sale on June 16, just in time to nab one for  Moultrie Bear Magnet Beaver Caster Drip Bag attractant.

Beaver castor for sale

Beaver Pets for Sale and Adoption | Beaver Classifieds. Posted: (4 days ago) 11 days ago in Greensburg, PA. You can text me on 972 XX 460 XX 8269.We have an amazing British Shorthair litter for sale.

Beaver castor for sale

Bäversafari, Nordisk Upptäckt/Naturarvskompaniet. Plats.

Beaver castor for sale

Anise - Bacon - Beaver Castor - Blueberry - Butterscotch - Cinnamon - Donut - Gold Mist – Grape - Honey - Loganberry - Raspberry - Watermelon - Wild Cherry. Half Gallon Refill $35.00 Gallon Refill $65.00 Uses: Great for an attractant or cover scent to be sprayed around your bait site, and around surrounding trees while in your stand. Castoreum is a compound that is produced by a beaver’s castor sacs, which, while they’re located in the same vicinity, are not the same thing as anal glands. The castor sacs produce a distinctive odor that beavers use for marking territory and identifying each other.
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Beaver castor for sale

Shikai Castor & Pollux Green Toys Beaver Koyo Amazing Herbs Neptune's Harvest Honey Stinger Mrs Renfro's Ginger People Show only products on sale. BEAVER CREEK ULTRALIGHT, 1PA5, 40.830245, -80.413678, 928. BRISCOES CATARINA CASTOR, CER2, 52.216667, -111.933334, 2704. DRAYTON VALLEY WEST SALE, YWSL, -38.091667, 146.965278, 93.

bag. NEVER SHIP CASTOR IN PLASTIC! Castor needs to breathe, Castor shipped in plastic will cause rot.
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Registrera dig He also dedicated his first published work Nausea 'au Castor (to the Beaver)'. Uttal av Simone de Beauvoir med 4 ljud uttal, 8 synonymer, 

Should be alot of number one in early caught spring beaver. Falls is a different story.

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Beaver Castor - Must be fully dried. There should be no liquid in the castor, if its not fully dried we will dry it before issuing payment. To maximize shipping, we require a 3 lb minimum on castor. This does not apply if you are sending castor with other glands/essence. $80 /lb All castor received after after April 15th will be at $75 lb.

WINTON, YWTN, -  2021-04-02 2021-04-02 (known as Schabziger); put up for retail sale, of a fat content by weight in the dry matter, not Ambergris, castoreum, civet and musk; cantharides; bile, whether or not dried; glands and Of beaver, whole, with or without head, tail or paws. 0,0. Beaver Crossing · bäver torn · Bécancour · Becscie Lac-Castor · Lac-Chat · Lac-des-Commissaires Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette · Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Beaumont Leys; Flower delivery in Beaver Beaver Glen; Flower delivery in Glinton and Castor Salcombe and Thurlestone; Flower delivery in Sale Moor  Joan of Arc: A History av Helen Castor · Joan of Arc: A Military Leader av Kelly DeVries · Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses av Régine Pernoud, Jeanne  Mannix Park · Middle Fork Beaver Creek School (historical) · Morris Butte For Sale Dam · French School (historical) Castor Dam · Cliff Point Campground.

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Set a leg hold drowner rig with a chin stick and some caven timber on the bank.

It is Fresh frozen and collected from Beaver Taken Late Last Spring, and This Fall/Winter. It has all been dried for Three to Five days at 55 Degrees F. before freezing. I have No idea what of the Current Market Value, or what Castor is going for at Country Buyers or State Auctions so Make me an Offer. This item Beaver Castor Ground and Preserved 4 oz. Milligan Brand Outfitting Taos Beaver Lure.